Spanish FLy

What is Spanish Fly?

What you see above is spanish fly, but not your usual, dangerous green beetle version. This is something NEW and SAFE that can change your sex life in 5 minutes. We named it Spanish Fly PRO and it is already used by thousands of customers around the world. Is also known as the most helpful aphrodisiac for women with low libido related issues. It maintains ZERO side effects and meets all the requirements set out by the US FDA.

If you have time to read our long article below regarding stress and how it negatively affects libido, as well as about the original green beetle (aka. spanish fly) and its dangers, please continue. If you want to read solely about NEW Spanish Fly PRO and what effects can you expect - click here. If you want to buy and see the actual price, or read the most recent reviews, choose below.

Spanish Fly is a myth that may have roots in reality. The ground-up bodies green blister beetles are said to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Sailors supposedly ingested the beetle powder or rubbed it on their genitals to create heightened sexual excitement.

The crushed beetles also had an aphrodisiac effect on women. Ground beetle powder mixed into beverages and consumed increased levels of sexual desire.

In reality, the active ingredient in the blister beetle, known as cantharides, is the active ingredient that spurs the genital inflammation. Cantharides draw blood to your genitals, causing them to swell when you pee.

Spanish fly, therefore, could be considered as the original Viagra.

Unfortunately, cantharides are incredibly toxic. French chemist Pierre Robiquet discovered cantharides and their role in the blister beetle. He stated that cantharides are more toxic than the potent poison strychnine.

It may seem ridiculous that people would poison themselves with toxins that cause side-effects such as painful erections and urinary tract infections. However, anything is possible, even today some cultures consider ground rhino horn and shark anatomy as natural libido boosters. So it should come as no surprise that shady dealers are offering illicit Spanish fly pills.

However, most of these pills will not contain any Spanish fly. These products usually consist of off-label clones of ED medications instead.

Does It Work like a Drug?

Living a modern lifestyle exposes us to higher levels of stress.

Cortisol, otherwise known as “the stress hormone,” adversely affects the immune system and diminishes libido. People that find themselves caught in stressful situations regularly can develop hormonal disorders such as adrenal fatigue.

Stress will affect your relationships as well. Overly stressing about problems at work or in your social lives, can create a wedge between you emotionally and physically. Couples can withdraw from each other as communication declines. If the issues are left unaddressed, the relationship will eventually end.

Speak to your doctor about diagnosing and treating hormonal disorders and mental disease. Your doctor can use therapies such as HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to help you manage the symptoms of a decreased sex drive.

Your medical professional will diagnose your condition during a private consultation. Treatment may involve drug therapy to balance your hormones and improve your sense of well-being.In some cases, it possible to successfully treat the effects of stress without drug therapy.

A change in lifestyle and the use of specific supplements is enough to solve hormonal imbalances or stress-related disorders such as erectile dysfunction.

If you or your partner are living with the symptoms of low sex drive, consider a drug-free therapy. Specific herbal extracts have strong libido enhancing properties that will help your confidence in the bedroom and reignite the spark in your love life.

Spanish Fly

How it Works

100% Private Orders

100% Private Orders

Your order is totally private and come through special order system. No Product name on bank statement or Product BOX!

100% Herbal Based

100% Herbal Based

Only highest quality herbs, roots extracts and vitamins are blended into the bottles of PRO. 5 Drops into any drink will be enough!

Fast Acting Time

Fast Acting Time

It works withing 5-10 minutes... Enjoy the night, both of you

Spanish Fly Pro is your best chance to get her sex drive back!

Modern Versions of Spanish Fly

Modern Versions of Spanish Fly

Fortunately, modern medicine and nutritional science have advanced this original idea of a libido booster. There are now herbal remedies, extracts, and supplements available to treat the symptoms of low libido. You no longer have to risk your health to bring the romance and passion back into the bedroom.

Searching online for a libido booster will bring millions of results to wade through. Generic medications, underground lab formulations of ED medications, and miracle supplements are just some of the results you can expect to turn up.

With so many options to choose from, how do you know what products work and which are a waste of money?

Herbal and Drug based Libido Boosters

Doctors use specific drugs to combat the symptoms of stress that present themselves. Hormonal imbalances may require hormone replacement therapy and drugs to help with erectile dysfunction. ED medications such as Cialis and Viagra work by improving blood flow to the heart, enhancing hardness and extending the longevity of erections in men.

These medications are also sold on the black market by criminals. Beware of any shifty characters offering to sell you off-script erectile drugs. Engaging in this criminal behavior could be harmful to your health and even land you in prison.

Many of the black-market drug clones are fakes with convincing packaging. If you look closely, you will notice minor differences in the font and expiration dates. However, the fakes are often convincing enough to fool unknowing victims that are desperate for a solution.

If your doctor will not prescribe you medication, it’s because they feel you can make a recovery from the stress disorder naturally. There are alternative therapies available to boost your hormone production and restore your libido.

Herbal and Drug based Libido Boosters

Choosing the herbal solution That’s right for You

You may be overwhelmed by the amount of
selection on offer to you from online retailers.

Herbal aphrodisiacs are a multi-billion-dollar industry. There are plenty of start-ups and fly-by-night manufacturers making outrageous claims about their products. However, very few of them deliver on their claims.

Be careful of dubious products that do not offer money-back guarantees and always choose a brand that is trustworthy and well-recognized. Libido boosters can be expensive. However, using quality ingredients in their formulation makes it logical that they might sell at a price premium.

Taking the cheaper option will most likely result in an inferior product that produces a minimal libido-boosting effect. Expensive products might cost a bit more, but you will receive the best value for your money.

With so much snake oil out there to deceive you, is it even worth searching online for an herbal solution? Look for products backed by real research and recommended with genuine customer testimonials. A real aphrodisiac can completely transform your stale sex life back into a hot, steamy relationship.

Spanish Fly Pro?

If you want to feel like teenagers again, then our Spanish Fly PRO is your best bet!

Is There Such a Thing as a Spanish Fly Drug?

Countless products are marketed online as Spanish Fly. In reality, none of them contain the original powdered beetle. Spanish Fly has evolved into a brand name associated with libido boosting products. Thousands of supplement and wellness companies offer Spanish fly banded products, which one to your trust to buy and use safely?

Living with symptoms of low libido is emasculating for men. Some may rush to use any product they can to boost their libido. Purchasing and self-administering black market ED drugs, or drug-based products cloaked as herbal formulas, can be hazardous to your health.

Ingesting these drugs unknowingly as a result of not researching the product you are buying could create adverse health issues.

Abusing these drugs could create complications with your cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, prostate (in men), and urinary tract. In some cases, the drugs may interact negatively with medications you are taking for other diseases.

Avoid these issues by using a product that is formulated by a company that is transparent about their ingredient list and manufacturing process. Always use a reputable source and review the customer testimonials before you select your final product.

Spanish Fly
How is Spanish Fly PRO not a Drug

How is Spanish Fly PRO not a Drug?

Spanish Fly PRO does not contain any crushed green blister beetles. The proprietary formula is drug-free and tested by the FDA as safe for use.

Spanish Fly PRO consists of a potent herbal extract formula, guaranteed to boost your libido. Some users of Spanish Fly PRO have provided testimonials stating that the product produces better effects than ED medications like Viagra.

Spanish Fly PRO works in multiple systems of the body to increase libido.

Not only does it stimulate blood flow to the genitalia, but it also creates intense feelings of desire for your partner as well. Drugs can’t reproduce this effect of enhanced lust. You will enjoy sex more when supplementing with Spanish Fly PRO. The formula allows female users the opportunity to reach climax and experience multiple orgasms.

Men develop stamina in the bedroom and improved ejaculation control.

Spanish Fly PRO –A Natural Aphrodisiac Alternative

A Natural Aphrodisiac Alternative

Aphrodisiacs are also known as “love drugs,” which is perhaps why people get the wrong impression about these substances.

Aphrodisiacs are naturally occurring herbs, plants, and foods that increase libido.

Natural aphrodisiac formulas designed with specific herbal extracts are entirely safe to use. They contain no drug-based chemicals or hidden additives, just the healing and restorative capabilities of mother nature.

Spanish Fly PRO is the best over-the-counter libido booster available. This Aphrodisiac formula boosts libido, improves sexual performance, and enhances climax. Many natural aphrodisiacs are manufactured using inferior ingredients or watered down formulas that don’t work effectively.

These companies prefer to use a “shotgun strategy” when it comes to marketing their products. Most are fly-by-night companies that want to make a quick buck out of the ignorance and desperation of people living with low libido.

It pays to do a little research into natural aphrodisiacs. Selecting the right libido booster can potentially save your marriage, improve your sex life, and bring you closer together as a couple. Invest in your sexual health by selecting the right product for you and your partner.

You can trust Spanish Fly PRO to deliver on its claims. Customer testimonials provide ample proof that the formula works in both men and women.

How to Use Spanish Fly PRO

HRT and ED drugs take around 30 to 45 minutes to enter your bloodstream. The half-life on these medications can be anywhere between 4 to 36 hours before the effects begin to wear off. Medication metabolites can remain in the blood for months after ceasing use. Treatment depends on the severity of the hormonal and libido disorder. Patients using these medications may need permanent therapy and access to drugs to maintain a stable hormonal profile and sex drive.

Being reliant on drugs to solve the symptoms of your disorder can damage your health without proper medical guidance.Oral medications are often toxic to the liver and other organs. Permanent HRT can reduce the ability of your body to produce these hormones in the future naturally.

The herbal formula that comprises Spanish Fly PRO is free from exogenous hormones and drugs. Every batch of the potent herbal extract is tested to meet stringent international quality standards and FDA guidelines.The recommended dose of Spanish Fly PRO is 5 drops for women, and 5 drops for men too. Drip the formula on the tongue for an almost immediate effect. However, the bitter taste of the herbal concentrate is an “acquired taste.”

The best way to administer the formula is by mixing it with a non-alcoholic beverage. Within 5 to 10 minutes, you should begin to notice the effects coming on. Your body may feel slightly warmer and begin to develop a craving for sex with your partner.Sensitivity to touch improves, intensifying the feelings of arousal. During sex, you will feel more connected to your body and your partner. Orgasm potential is enhanced, and the chance of experiencing multiple orgasms becomes highly likely.

The afterglow of sex will drive hormone, dopamine, and pheromone levels through the roof. You will feel a greater sense of satisfaction from sex and relief from stress. You don’t need to use Spanish Fly PRO every day to maintain bio-active levels of the formula in your bloodstream.Take a few drops 5 to 10 minutes before sexual activity. This dose is enough for incredible pleasure in the bedroom.

Never dose your partner without their knowledge or consent. Doing so could result at the end of your relationship, and possibly a criminal charge. Always be open and honest with your partner. Discuss your reasons for wanting to take a libido enhancer and convince them that it will be a fantastic sexual experience for both of you.If your partner genuinely cares about your relationship and your sexual health, they should be willing to give it a try, at least once.

Will I Become Addicted to Spanish Fly PRO?

Will I Become Addicted to Spanish Fly PRO?

There is zero chance of you or your partner developing dependency on Spanish fly PRO.

Addiction is a complicated feedback loop created by the brains dependency of dopamine.Drugs that activate dopamine receptors such as opiate and opioid medications develop symptoms of withdrawal in users when they stop administering the drugs.This sudden dopamine crash creates intense cravings for the drug and the start of a chemical addiction.

Drug and substance abuse is a serious health issue that can result in death. Before using any medications, consult your doctor and make sure you never accept or purchase black market drugs.Falling into a spiral of drug addiction will ruin your life. If you are dealing with substance abuse, seek support to help you escape its clutches. While the physical withdrawal subsides in just a few days, the mental addiction can live on for years, even decades.

Recovering from the conditions psychological effects can take a lifetime.

In some cases, addicts will never recover from their affliction.Spanish fly PRO does not activate dopamine receptors or create feelings of dependency. The formula is there for the days you need to perform in the bedroom and need some assistance to enjoy the experience with your partner.It's safe to use every day, but the chances are that you won’t be using it this often.

The only addictive craving your will experience with Spanish Fly PRO is for your partner.The herbal formula has the power to make you fall in love all over again and revert your bedroom behavior to your teenage years.You don’t need drugs to enjoy your sex life, all you need is Spanish Fly PRO.

What’s in Spanish Fly PRO?

Every bottle of this super aphrodisiac contains the healing love of mother nature. This potent herbal extract concentrates the medicinal value from the herbs into a few drops.

The organic formula inside of every bottle of Spanish Fly PRO meets regulatory standards set by the FDA. You can rely on the consistency and potency found in every bottle. This super libido booster has approval for safe and effective for use in both men and women.

The carefully selected aphrodisiac formula contains organically grown herbs that are farmed, harvested, and prepared sustainably.Spanish fly PRO is the market-leading libido booster and sexual enhancer. You can rely on the reputation of this product. There are thousands of online testimonials from satisfied singles and couples that have changed their sex life with Spanish Fly PRO.

Are there any Negative Side Effects of Spanish Fly PRO?

You can expect no adverse side effects from using Spanish Fly PRO. The herbal libido booster offers a no-nonsense money-back guarantee on every bottle purchased. This quality guarantee means that you can enjoy a risk-free trial of Spanish Fly PRO.

If you are tired of reading sales copy online for thousands of different libido boosters and sexual enhancement products, stop your search right now. You have found the solution; now it’s time to take action. Order your bottle of Spanish Fly PRO and break the news to your partner and arrange a date night.

Take back control of your libido and improve the health of your sexual relationship. Rekindle the spark with your partner and enjoy the sex life you deserve.

Are You Ready To Change Your Sex Life?

Spanish Fly Pro is your best chance to get her sex drive back!