Better sex tips for men and women

Discover the Art of Great Sex

Couples who experience better sex enjoy happier and healthier lives. Sex plays an essential role in the health of any human being. The carnal act is one of the foundational pillars of a relationship. When one or both of the partners no longer experience lust and passion for each other’s body, it can lead to a painful break-up and the end of the relationship.

Sex is just like any other activity; the chances are you were not very good at it for your first few relationships. It takes time and understanding with your partner to develop better lovemaking technique.

If you learn how to use your body and watch your partner for signs of pleasure, you can improve your sexual technique. All it takes is time and practice, and let’s be honest, can you think of any better activity to practice?

Learn How to Have Great Sex

You need to become a student of sex if you want to improve your lovemaking technique. This statement doesn’t mean sitting around all day watching porn hoping to learn a few tips. Pornography objectifies women; it’s fantasy far removed from reality.

Real sex happens in a safe environment between two consenting adults, no paid actors, and no cameras are rolling in the background. Singles that enjoy promiscuous sex might possess a wealth of different partners, but they lack the stability of a relationship. Growing physically, mentally and spiritually with a partner has deeper levels of understanding they can’t find with one-night stands.

In a sexual relationship with a regular partner, you have the chance to learn each other’s bodies and understand what each of you enjoys in bed. Take the time to study the reactions of your partner and increase levels of communication during lovemaking.

It takes two to tango, so mention to your partner that you want to put in the effort to become a better lover for both of you. It will entice them to do the same for you, and you can begin your journey of sexual discovery together. Learning better sex tips for men and women is a lot of fun for both of you.

Learn to Communicate with Your Partner

One of the best sex tips you can ever use is to open communication with your partner. Be honest with each other about your fantasies and desires. Half of the playing field exists in your mind, and if you want to experience your fantasy, you will need to let your partner know the details of what it entails.

Don’t be afraid to get a bit dark with your fantasies. Bondage and S&M are not absolute requirements, but a little dirty talk during sex can spice things up. If you are afraid of revealing your deepest fantasies to your partner, ask them to take their turn and tell you theirs. You may find that you both want the same thing.

Curiosity and exploration ate natural human tendencies. Refusing to allow your partner to live their sexual fantasy will create a distance between the two of you, and they may feel betrayed if they do not experience things the same way. Always be supportive and respectful of your partner’s feelings and their fantasy’s.

The more you talk about your sexual habits, the closer you will become to understanding your partner and their sexual needs. Communication is the doorway to your partner’s soul, be careful what you do with the keys.

Don’t be a Selfish Lover

One of the tips for better sex is that relationships are a two-way street. This statement means that you need to be cognizant of your partner’s sexual needs as you are on your own. Don’t be a selfish lover and climax without finishing your partner’s sexual experience.

Sex needs to be fulfilling for both of you. Consistent neglect of your partner’s needs will result in disaster for your relationship. They’ll become bored with the sex and begin to seek a different partner. If you take the time to learn what your partner likes, then you can avoid losing them to another lover.

Use all of your senses, touch, taste, and hearing to engage fully with your partner. If you learn their natural responses to you, then you can begin to replicate and enhance the experience for them. Approach sex as an exercise in learning your partner’s body, the more knowledge you gain, the better the sex will become. As they say, “Knowledge is power, but applied knowledge is real power.” This adage holds true in the bedroom as well. Learn and apply and ask your partner to do the same for you.

How to get Better at Sex by Paying Attention

If you’re searching for great sex tips, then it shows you are a thoughtful lover. There may still be hope for your relationship. Here is the best sex tip for men and women: Pay attention to your partner while you make love. Don’t get distracted by what your equipment is doing, look your partner in the eyes and engage with them.

Watch out for subtle micro-expressions in their face. As you tune in to your partner’s sexual frequency, you will observe pleasurable moments immediately. Their eyes may roll back, draw thin, open wide, or focus on yours. Noticing these expressions is only possible if you are watching out for them. Building this kind of connection during sex brings you closer together, allowing you to experience sensational sex.

When both of you climax at the same time, this is sensational sex. This technique takes practice and patience to support the needs of your partner for the entire experience. When you tune in each other’s senses, your bodies will be able to perform incredible sexual acts.

The Kama Sutra, an ancient text describing sexual positions and tantric sex principles essentially boils down to one central theme prevalent in all its teachings: When you and your partner connect entirely with all of your senses, the both of you become one. You will be able to guide each other through an ultimate experience and control when it ends. Both of you will feel the same effects of the sex equally because you have shared it as one single entity.

This lesson is vital to any student of sex that wishes to improve their sexual ability. Pay attention to each other and grow your sexuality together.

The Best Sex Tips for Men and Women

People that want to learn how to improve their sex life are serious about developing their relationships. This action is commendable, so pat yourself on the back. If you are a single person looking to improve your sexual experience with new partners, then learning new tips can help you find that special someone. For those involved in a committed relationship, learning new sex tips can keep your passion alive in the bedroom.

Whatever your reason for taking an interest in improving your sex life, you should never feel embarrassed or ashamed of your curiosity. Our modern society allows us to explore our sexual freedom without judgment, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

Take the Journey to Better Sex Together

For those lovers involved in a relationship, take the journey of sexual discovery together. The more you communicate and interact with each other, the stronger your sexual bond. Start by sitting down with your partner and discussing your wildest fantasies. If you struggle to find creative ideas to try in the bedroom, search the internet for some possibilities.

Cosplay, the art of dressing up, is an exciting way of keeping things fresh and engaging in the bedroom. Indulge your partner and dress up in different colored wigs and extravagant makeup to catch his attention. Experiment with costumes, she might be thrilled to be “arrested” by a policeman.

Props and toys are another great way to liven things up in the bedroom. Visit an online adult store and view the toys available. It might seem awkward at first, but as you get into it, both of you’ll probably end up have a good laugh at it all. Choose toys that you feel you and your partner will enjoy, remember this is for both of you.

Better Sex Tips for Him

One of the most common sexual issues with men is their stamina in the bedroom. Finishing too early will leave your partner unsatisfied. You can learn to increase your sexual endurance using Kegel exercises.

Perform Kegels by manipulating the pelvic floor muscles. Start your pelvic floor exercises by sitting in a chair. Locate the PC muscle by contracting the area between your scrotum and your anus. Once you have ascertained control over the PC muscle, contract it as deeply as possible. The sensation should feel like you are trying to pull the pelvic floor toward your stomach or lower back.

Practice this technique daily. You can do it seated or standing. Try it out while you are waiting in line at the bank, or queuing for a movie with your partner. Regularly exercising the pelvic floor will strengthen the muscles that are responsible for your stamina in the bedroom. You will be able to last longer and manage your progression to orgasm, allowing your partner more time to climax as well.

Learning to manipulate your pelvic floor will help you control orgasm and ejaculation. Every time you feel like climaxing, slowly withdraw and flex your pelvic floor until you feel the urge to climax subside. Repeat this technique for as long as possible, and the strength of your orgasm will intensify.

Better Sex Tips for Her

Women will also benefit from learning to control the pelvic floor muscles. The principles of exercising the pelvic floor are almost the same as in men. For women, locate the PC muscle by inserting a finger into the vagina and contracting. You will feel the PC muscle squeeze around your finger. Once you have isolated the PC muscle, repeat these contractions, holding them at their peak for 5 to 10 seconds.

Women can advance this technique to include Kegel tools with the exercise. Kegel tools are designed to improve the strength of the PC muscle and pelvic floor. The original Kegel tool was the Ben-Wa ball. These small spheres are inserted into the front of the vagina and pressed against the PC muscle during the contractions. They intensify the effects of the exercise and dramatically improve the strength of the pelvic floor.

Vaginal kung fu is the brainchild of Kim Anami. This incredible woman has spent 15 years mastering the control of her pelvic floor. Her PC muscle and vaginal walls are so strong that they can grip a 30 lbs weight plate and suspend it in the air between her legs. This incredible feat is possible for any woman to achieve using vaginal weight lifting equipment.

Training your vagina and PC muscle will allow you to “grip” your man during orgasm, intensifying the climax experience for both of you.

The Carnal Power of Natural Aphrodisiacs

Along with exercises, toys, and increased engagement with your partner in bed, using a libido supplement, is the final tip to improve your sex life. Natural aphrodisiacs are herb, plants, and animal products that enhance libido. Many of these products don’t keep their outrageous promises and are a waste of time and money.

However, there are natural aphrodisiacs that do work very well. Spanish Fly LOVE is an example of a top-rated, premium libido booster that performs as advertised.

What is Spanish Fly LOVE?

Spanish Fly LOVE is a premium libido booster consisting of organic ingredients. This proprietary blend contains herbal extracts specially formulated to improve sex drive and enhance sexual performance. Every bottle of Spanish Fly LOVE comes with a money-back guarantee. The company is confident in their product that they are willing to give you and your partner a risk-free trial.

Spanish Fly LOVE is FDA approved as safe to use; there are no unwanted side effects from using the formula. This powerful aphrodisiac does not contain trace amounts of erectile dysfunction medications, or other unlisted ingredients. You can expect every batch of Spanish Fly LOVE to be consistent with its concentration and formulation.

Spanish Fly LOVE uses herbal extraction techniques to create their magical libido enhancing formula. All the ingredients are grown and harvested sustainably and organically to bring you a top-shelf product that delivers on its promises.

How Spanish Fly Can Help You Have Better Sex

The proprietary formula found in each bottle of Spanish Fly LOVE contains a potent blend of aphrodisiac herbs. When all the ingredients combine in a specific ratio, they unleash the libido-boosting power that

The effective dose for Spanish Fly LOVE is 10 drops of the formula for women and 15 for men. The effects don’t take long to show up. Within 5 to 10 minutes you will feel a light warm flush followed by increased feelings of desire for your partner.

When the full effect peaks 45 to 60 minutes after dosing, sensitivity to touch peaks and the desire for your partner evolves into an insatiable feeling of lust. Men that struggle with building and maintaining an erection will be surprised to find that they no longer experience these issues. Women will find it effortless to stay lubricated, and the feeling of penetration dramatically enhances for both men and women.

Orgasms are intense, and there is potential for women to experience their first multiple orgasms. The formula is potent but does not produce any stimulatory amphetamine effect like other over-the-counter libido boosters. Men find that their sexual stamina improves and they have improved the ability to control and sustain orgasm.

Linger for longer, in the afterglow of sensational sex, thanks to the effects of the aphrodisiacs found in Spanish Fly LOVE. The formulation helps balance mood and assists the body with releasing and managing dopamine as you relax with each other in bed.

You can expect no lingering side-effects from using Spanish Fly LOVE. The product is safe to use every day. Being that the average couples only have sex a couple of times a week, will not build any dependency on the formula. Some ED and HRT medications are toxic to your liver and other vital organs. Your cardiovascular system and internal organs are unaffected by the herbal extracts found in Spanish Fly LOVE.

This aphrodisiac formula is the cherry on the top of this article. If you combine all of the techniques, exercises, diet tips and supplement advice laid out to you here, you can expect notable improvements in your sexual style, stamina, and climax control.

Take the journey to better sex and a happier relationship together. Sit down and discuss the ideas presented in this article with your partner. Talk about what you can do to change your current situation and the actions you can take to improve your sex life. Small changes can make vast improvements, and by executing just a few tips in this article, you can turn things around for both of you.

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