How much sex is too much

Everyone deserves to enjoy the desire, passion, and release of great sex. The thrill and excitement of starting a new relationship are one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Sometimes we can find a partner where the sex becomes incredible. All you do is lust after your partner, spending days in bed together exploring each other’s bodies. All this sex sounds like a great time for both of you, but is it healthy? Is there such a thing as too much sex?

The Role of Sex in a Relationship

Sex is essential for maintaining optimal physical, emotional, and mental health. Sex is the glue that binds the two of your together. Think of sex as the “secret ingredient” to the success of your relationships. You both can have different points of view in perception and still maintain a healthy relationship. However, if you don’t get along sexually, this can create considerable problems in your relationship.

Sex is vital for bringing you closer together as a couple. Regular sex maintains the hormonal and emotional balance between your minds and bodies. Sex keeps you connected to each other. It fulfills a primal urge of physical release and intimate companionship experienced by every human being.

Simply put, relationships can’t survive without a sexual component. Furthermore, the sex needs to be satisfying and sustainable for the things to work out between you and remain successful. Great sex is fulfilling for both partners and an absolute necessity.

How much Sex should you be having?

As you court each other, the brain releases pheromones and “feel-good” hormones into your bloodstream. If things progress well, intimacy leads to sex. If the sex is good and the personalities match, then you have the foundation for forming a happy relationship.

Sex is the highest form of physical intimacy, that’s why couples enjoy it so much. Having fantastic sex as often as possible with your partner seems like a great idea doesn’t it? Sex has plenty of physical and emotional benefits, so it may come as a surprise to learn that more sex does not always equal a happier or healthier relationship.

Studies released by the University of Toronto show that there is such a thing as too much sex. Analysts combed through almost nearly 25 years’ worth of surveys collected from over 25,000 US participants between 1989 and 2012. The survey asked questions regarding sexual frequency and their state of happiness and well-being.

The results of the research conclusively proved that sexual happiness does indeed have a peak in the relationship.

Couples engaging in sex once a week were happy, but their general happiness didn’t increase with more sex. The results were consistent across both genders and all age groups. The research stated that the average minimum amount of sex couples should have to maintain a happy relationship, is 5 times a month.

Sexual frequency and Happiness

The results of the Toronto University study are not an infallible guideline. Everyone is different, and some people may need more sex than others to feel fulfilled. However, there are two key takeaways from the study that should be noted. The first observation is that; sex is critical for a happy relationship. The second observation is; sex alone cannot sustain a healthy relationship.

A 2015 study asked 30 of 62 married couples to double the amount of sex they were having for a few weeks. Most couples managed to achieve 50% more intercourse, but the results show that this didn’t, in fact, make them any happier. As a result of the elevated sexual activity, both partners experienced low energy levels from spending more time between the sheets.

So why does more sex not lead to more happiness? Researchers suggest that if you have more sex than you need, you may become bored with each other. Too much sex leads to a loss in the sense of anticipation and excitement of the act.

Can There Be Too Much of a Good Thing?

Too much of anything can be a bad thing; even drinking water can kill you if you chug down enough of it. Living a life of excess will lead to disastrous results regardless of age or gender. We are not immune from becoming obsessive. Being consumed with any behavior will always produce adverse effects.

Living a healthy life and having a healthy sexual relationship will benefit from moderation. Having loads of sex all the time may be great during the “honeymoon phase,” but it’s just not sustainable.

Is it Bad to Have Too Much Sex?

It depends on what you define as “too much sex.” Every person is unique, and you may find that your partner does not have the same sexual drive as you. In this case, it’s about compromise and finding the sweet spot where both of you feel sexually fulfilled. Fortunately, this is a trial-by-error task that is a lot of fun for both of you.

What Happens if You Have Too Much Sex?

The results of too much sex are not too hard to spot in your partner. They may become less lubricated during sex, or erections may fail. Both of these situations can be incredibly embarrassing for either of you. During this state you are vulnerable, and you may develop insecurities about your ability to perform sexually.

This kind of physiological self-torture can be detrimental to your mental health and your relationship. The only way to resolve the issue is to talk to each other. Unfortunately, many couples break up or even divorce before reaching this level of understanding.

What about not having enough Sex?

Couples that have been together for years understand that levels of intimacy between them decline over time. Married couples also experience this phenomenon as well. Losing the intimacy and sex in a relationship can be as damaging as too much sex.

When your lust for each other dies, the relationship usually dies along with it. If you genuinely care about each other, it takes effort from both of you to keep the relationship on track. Sometimes one partner may have less sexual appetite than the other. In this case, both partners may become frustrated with each other’s response to sexual inactivity.

The stress of everyday living in a pressured social environment takes its toll on daily energy levels. The best thing to do to improve your sexual health is fix your diet and exercise regularly. Eat plenty of healthy fats and remove all sugar from your diet. These adjustments should enhance your energy levels and help you have more stamina in the bedroom.

Try a Natural Aphrodisiac

If you have taken steps to improve your physical health, it still may not increase libido. In this case, it’s time to try an alternative strategy to fire things up between you. Aphrodisiacs are products that help to awaken the sleeping, sexual giant inside you.

These over-the-counter remedies stimulate libido and improve levels of sexual awareness. Aphrodisiacs can change your love life forever. They can create intense feelings of lust for each other that you haven’t experienced since your teenage years.

If you have done everything you can to restore the sexual health of your relationship and nothing seems to work, give an aphrodisiac a try. The effects of aphrodisiacs can save your relationship and re-ignite the passion between you.

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Today there are many over-the-counter aphrodisiacs available. Unfortunately, most of these products do nothing to raise your libido. Trying to find a libido booster online is an overwhelming task. There are millions of search results to choose from, each offering their brand of libido enhancer.

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